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What are ALT tags and why are they important?
What are ALT tags and why are they important?
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Alt text is the written copy that helps search engines and visually impaired people understand what your images are about. It’s also known as “alt tags” and “alt descriptions".

You’ve probably seen alt text on other websites when the images failed to load properly.
Alt text helps search crawlers understand visual content better – it eliminates the guesswork!

When search crawlers can understand your images, they can index them properly. As a result, you have better image SEO and can rank higher for your keywords. This means more organic traffic to your website.

Above all, alt text helps visually impaired users to enjoy your web content. When you have alt tags, screen readers can read them to your visitors, significantly improving your store’s UX. Making your store accessible to everyone is simply the right thing to do.

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