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Where do I find Shopify collaborator request code for access ?
Where do I find Shopify collaborator request code for access ?

Learn what's Shopify collaborator request code, how to find it, or enable/disable it in your store.

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Starting from December 6, Shopify now requires all stores to provide a collaborator request code when sending an access request. This code is something we frequently handle in our customer support.

If you own a store, you have the option to grant access to another person—a collaborator. For app developers, like us, this is frequently the sole method to resolve app compatibility problems. When access is shared, the collaborator gains entry to designated sections of your store such as Apps, Themes, Products, and more.

Where do I find Shopify's collaborator request (access) code ?

  1. Navigate to your Shopify store admin > Settings > Users and permissions

  2. Scroll down to the section Collaborators, and there's your code

  3. Copy the code using the icon and share it with the desired person

Rest assured, sharing the code doesn't grant immediate access. It simply enables someone to send you a request, which you'll still need to approve.

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